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Fishing & Hunting
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Southern Delaware's long time provisional way of life based on the abundance of the sea and the woodland has produced a booming and, in some cases, nationally renowned sport fishing and hunting culture.

Public lands are available for use, however, certain regulations should be respected for the carefully managed fish and wildlife areas.

Internet Links are provided to General Information and Regulations under the Fishing Menu and the Hunting Menu.


Please Respect Private Property



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Saltwater & Freshwater Information & Regulations


Please Respect Private Property

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Cape Henlopen State Park
A quarter-mile long pier provides convenient access to the Delaware Bay. The bait and tackle concession at the pier offers fishing supplies and snack foods, and transportation along the pier is available for people with disabilities, between April 1st and Oct 31st. (302)645-8983.

Delaware Seashore State Park
A special access pier at the Inlet allows the elderly and people with disabilities to get close to the fishing action. Anglers may try their luck along the banks of the Indian River Inlet, as well. (302)227-2800.


There is a fishing bridge at Memorial Park and pier at Wagamon's Pond. Bass, pickerel and pan fish. There is a boat launch at Memorial Park.

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Freshwater Fishing

Holts Landing State Park
Offers a variety of fresh water prizes including flounder, bluefish, perch and sea trout. (302)539-9060.

It has been said that Wagamon's Pond and Diamond Pond, as well as Memorial Park on the Broadkill have some of the best freshwater fishing in Southern Delaware. Bass, pickerel and pan fish. There is a boat launch at Memorial Park.

Trap Pond State Park
Anglers on the water or shore may land largemouth bass, pickerel, catfish, and bluegills. (302)875-5153.


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Deep Sea Fishing

The Anglers Party Boat
Lewes Harbor Marina Lewes capt.chet@worldnet.att.net (302)645-8688.

Bottom Line - Captain David S. Filipas
Lewes Harbor Marina, Lewes (717)938-0142.

Doctor's Orders - Captain Tom Smith
Lewes Harbor Marina, Lewes TSmith8968@aol.com (302)335-4287.

Fatal Attraction2 - Captain Bill Bayard
Lewes Harbor Marina Lewes (302)945-7205 .

Fiesta Charters - Capt. Bill Brown
Indian River Inlet Fiestacharters@ce.net (302)945 5870.

Indian - Captain "Ted" Moulinier
2611 York Road, Lewes. (302)644-0104.

Judy V - Party Boat
N. Indian River Marina, N. Bethany (302)226-2214.

Grizzly Sportfishing
Captain Jerry Blakeslee & Captain Barbara Evans Fisherman's Wharf, Lewes fishgrizly@aol.com (302)684-8635.

Sand Dollar Party Boat - Capt. Larry Karpinski
Rehoboth Bay Marina Dewey Beach (302)226-2012.

Skipjack - Capt. Pete Floyd
5 Mill Creek Manor Lewes Deefloyd@aol.com (302)645-5297.

Small Wonder - Capt. Bill Murray
Indian River Marina, N. Bethany (302)539-7939.

Spectacle II - Capt. Dick Peoples
N. Indian River Marina, N. Bethany (302)732-9533.

Sportsman - Capt. Jay Barnett
Cedar Creek, Slaughter Beach Milford (302)378-0423.

Summer Place - Captain Joe Corcoran
Slip 13 Fisherman's Wharf, Lewes (302)684-1199.

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Surf Fishing

Surf Fishing
Permits, Rules & Regulations

Beach Plum Island Nature Preserve
Located north of the city of Lewes, with vehicle access from Broadkill Beach. Most of this 129-acre barrier island is protected to preserve habitat for native plant and animal species, but surf fishing and beachcoming are permitted along the Delaware Bay shore. A satellite area of Cape Henlopen State Park. (302)645-8983.

Cape Henlopen State Park
Dune crossovers allow pedestrian and vehicle access to the designated fishing areas. A surf fishing vehicle permit is required in order to drive onto the beach. Permits are available at the park office. (302)645-8983.

Delaware Bay Beachs
Broadkill Beach, Primehook Beach (also known as Short's Beach), Fowler Beach and Slaughter Beach. Each of these Beachs is accessible only by crossing the Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge on side roads dropping down from Coastal Highway Route 1,. Each of the Beachs play host to private residences, also, but Fowler, which is the most difficult to access, is the most secluded. All of them, as is Beach Plum Island (farther south along the Bay toward the Roosevelt Inlet above Lewes) are excellent places to try out your surf fishing skills.

Delaware Seashore State Park
Beaches throughout the park are set aside for surf fishing. Marked dune crossings allow fishing access for four-wheel drive vehicles onto the beach. Permits and related information are available at the park office. (302)227-2800.

Fenwick Island State Park
There are three dune crossing points along Fenwick Island to allow surf fishing. Proper permits are required and may be purchased at the Main Entrance or the Bethany Beach - Fenwick Island Chamber of Commerce. (302)539-9060.


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Hunting Regulations


Please Respect Private Property


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Deer Hunting

Deer Hunting Seasons & Information

Location at Assawoman is available for the non-ambulatory handicapped hunters. Parties may apply by using the card found in the annual Hunting Guide.

Deer hunting opportunities are also available at many other state wildlife areas without a permit. Check area maps for details of specific rules.

In Sussex County shotgun deer hunting is available by permit only for Assawoman Wildlife Area. Assawoman State Wildlife Area will utilize a daily permit lottery. Elevated stands are provided for each permittee. Contact the park office. Applications for other state wildlife shotgun preseason lottery are available in the annual Hunting Guide published by the Division and available at the statewide license agents or the Dover Office.

Deer Checking Information

State law requires hunters to immediately field tag every deer taken and then have the carcass examined by the Division of Fish and Wildlife. The Division checks deer to gather valuable information about the condition of the State's herd. Data on age, weight, buck or doe, condition and place of kill are usefull in studying deer populations and setting seasons.


Deer Checking Stations

A&K Enterprises
201 N. Central Ave. Laurel (302)875-5513

Al's Country Store
Rt. 16 Greenwood (302)349-5636

B&R Tackle York Mall
So. Bethany (302)539-6243

Banks's Sporting Goods
RD 2, Box 233 C Georgetown (302)856-4195

Captain Bills Bait & Tackle
Rt. 24 Millsboro (302)934-9260

C&S Custom Deer Processing
County Rd. 62 Laurel (302)875-3538

Custom Deer Cutting
Rt. 16 Milton (302)684-1317

Greenwood Farm Supply
Rt. 13 Greenwood (302)349-4712

Holly Lakes Campsites
Rt. 24 Millsboro (302)945-3410

Joanne's Bait & Tackle
Rt. 26 Clarksville (302)732-3210

Messick Supply
Rts. 20 & 9 nr. Hardscrabble (302)875-2400

Outdoor Connection
RT 1 & 5 Milton (302)684-2885

R&R Deer Cutting
Rt. 30 Lincoln (302)422-6296

R&R Sports Center
Rt. 1, 5 Points Lewes (302)645-9801

Redden Sporting Goods
Route 113 Georgetown (302)854-6550

Sure Shot Taxidermy
County Road 296 Georgetown (302)934-7609

Taylored Tackle Shop
Alt. 13 Seaford (302)629-9017

Tuckers Custom Butcher
Shop Road 631 Greenwood (302)349-4312


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Small Game Hunting



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Game Birds



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Wildlife Areas


Wildlife Area Maps

Free maps for all state wildlife areas may be obtained from the Division of Fish and Wildlife Office, 89 Kings Highway, Dover, Delaware 19901. Regulations covering each area are included.

Milford Neck Wildlife Area
Cedar Creek Tract

Assawoman Wildlife Area
Miller Neck Tract
Muddy Neck Tract
Piney Point Tract

Prime Hook State Wildlife Area
Prime Hook Tract

Nanticoke Wildlife Area
Lang Tract
Nanticoke North Tract
Nanticoke South Tract


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